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ABOUT FLP - Our Products

Aloe Vera is nature's miracle plant. Learn how it is as good for you inside as out while you shop for nutrition, weight loss & managment, skin care, cosmetics and personal care. We also offer a complete line of bee products.
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Aloe vera 's skin smoothing emollients and healing capabilities have been known for centuries. The earliest reference to aloe vera was discovered with an Egyptian mummy from 1550 BC. Alexander the Great used aloe vera to restore the health of his troops. Cleopatra relied on it to help preserve her legendary beauty.

Today, Forever Living is at the forefront of supplying the finest aloe vera health, nutrition and beauty products the world over.

Aloe Vera Drinks
Nutrition is a $20 billion a year industry in the U.S. alone. Our 100% pure stablized aloe vera health drinks target this growing market. Each drink is created from a patented process and has received the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval for purity, the Islamic Seal of Approval, and is rated Kosher.

Baby boomers are growing older, yet striving to stay young. This aging market is expanding the $20 billion nutrition industry at a record pace. Our complete line of nutritional supplements helps customers and distributors retain their strength and vitality, leading them to healthier, wealthier lives.

Weight Loss
   Our range of weight management products combines delicious Forever Lite shakes with our Aloe Vera Health drinks and supplements for a nutritionally sound weight loss and management system.

Skin Care
   The skin care industry is growing as well, with sales over $4 billion annually. Our Aloe Fleur de Jouvence skin care system and moisturizing lotions feature 100% pure stabilized aloe vera to pamper and rejuvenate the skin.

Sonya Colour Cosmetics
   The $7.6 billion cosmetics industry now has a colour line completely based on aloe vera. The Sonya Colour Collection combines aloe vera with vitamins and antioxidants in the finest micronized powders for flawless coverage. Sonya's seven colour palettes take the guesswork out of looking simply beautiful.

Personal Care
   Forever Living offers a full range of aloe vera based personal care products, from shampoo and conditioner to bath products and toothpaste. The $23 billion a year personal care industry has never looked better.

Bee Products
   Forever Living Products is also the world's largest producer of natural products from the beehive. Our nutritional supplements and honey come from bees in the pristine high Sonoran desert of Arizona.

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